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Signature Master Class: Conversion


Learn the art of conversion from three top real estate agents. Master strategic value creation, the psychology of scripts and building relationships in order to turn cold leads into lifelong clients.

Many agents receive cold buyer leads through various online sources. But how many are actually converting these leads? More importantly, how many are turning their leads into relationships? As you move through this course, you’ll learn from top agents who have mastered the art of taking a warm approach to cold leads to build relationships in order to create repeat and referral business.

Throughout this course, you’ll learn about:

  • The psychology of incubation and conversion
  • How to shift your mindset from focusing on the sale to advancing clients through the journey
  • Following up through strategic value creation and confident communication
  • Using text scripts to set face-to-face meetings and consistently follow up
  • How to play the relational long game by providing consistent care

At the end of the series, you’ll have mastered strategic value creation, the psychology of scripts and building relationships in order to turn cold leads into lifelong clients.

About This Course

  • Name: Signature Master Class: Conversion
  • Lessons: 3
  • Duration: 2:30
  • CE Available: 1
  • Instructors: Jason Mickelson, Renee Dunkel, Chris Chiaramonte, Angela Fisher
  • Experience Level: New Agents, Core Agents, Experienced Agents
  • Mandatory: NO

Meet Your Instructors

Jason Mickelson
Jason Mickelson

Jason Mickelson is the undisputed prince of persistence and an all-around problem-solver extraordinaire. He learned everything he knows to do and not do in the car business. Houses are just another widget to sell, but people all want the same things! No really means not yet.

Renee Dunkel
Renee Dunkel

REALTOR® | Urbandale, IA
Since becoming a REALTOR® in 2016, Renee Dunkel has worked at CENTURY 21. The team’s knowledge and expertise, combined with a commitment to providing exceptional service to clients, make every day on the job feel like a fun adventure. Renee often tells her clients that she doesn’t feel like she’s working because she enjoys it so much.

Chris Chiaramonte
Chris Chiaramonte

REALTOR® | Urbandale, IA
Chris Chiaramonte has spent the past 10 years building a real estate business through careful and strategic conversion of cold leads with primarily first-time buyers. Now, much of his business is by referral and he enjoys working with repeat clients with an emphasis on higher price points.

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