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The Psychology of Persuasion: 7 Levers of Influence


How do you persuade others to say ‘yes’? By employing persuasive techniques rooted in psychology, agents can build trust, establish emotional connections, and ultimately increase the likelihood of closing successful deals.

The 7 Levers of Influence

Understand the psychological triggers that drive our choices and actions. Learn how to recognize, understand and use the seven levers of influence in your business and personal life to achieve winning outcomes, avoid being influenced by others and foster lasting relationships.

Topics included are:

  • Understanding fixed action patterns
  • The seven levers of influence:
    • Reciprocation
    • Liking
    • Social Proof
    • Authority
    • Scarcity
    • Commitment & Consistency
    • Unity

About This Course

  • Name: 7 Levers of Influence
  • Lessons: 11
  • Duration: 3:00
  • CE Available: 2
  • Instructors: Dylan de Bruin, Angela Fisher
  • Experience Level: New Agents, Core Agents, Experienced Agents
  • Mandatory: NO

Meet Your Instructors

Picture of Dylan de Bruin
Dylan de Bruin

Broker | Owner
Dylan started as a real estate agent in the college town of Ames, IA. He started C21SRE to empower agents to run successful, enjoyable, sustainable real estate businesses. Over the last 15 years, he has grown the brokerage to more than 12 offices across the state of Iowa.

Picture of Angela Fisher
Angela Fisher

Agent Development Director
Before real estate, Angela was a second-grade teacher. She’s had her real estate license since 2014 and now oversees education, onboarding and ongoing training for the agents at C21SRE.

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