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Front Stage/Back Stage with Anna Culbertson

The Front Stage/Back Stage model is what we use to ensure that our team is creating value for our agent-clients. Everything that happens on our Front Stage (agent meetings, training, services, and our office environments) must be supported by excellent Back Stage teamwork (planning, organizing, tweaking, and administration). Join Dylan as he talks to Anna Culbertson, Director of Agent Services, about her work as the conduit between the front stage and back stage and why both are so essential to our organization.

Welcome to the Core Values Series! Our Signature Culture is the “secret sauce” that makes this organization so unique. We believe that the sky is the limit when we put others first and that work is something we get to do, so we might as well make it fun. Our core values define how we think and act and how our team members thrive. Join us every other week as we discuss a new core value. 

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