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Five Spokes

A successful real estate business starts with an intentional and diversified lead generation strategy. Five Spokes helps agents build their own intentional, diversified and strategic lead generation plans around five lead sources. It allows agents to take control of their leads in order to continuously fill the top of their sales funnels and create a steady stream of business. 

All agents are in the lead generation business. But more than 80% of real estate agents fail to build successful businesses because of two problems: lack of leads and dependence on their brokerage for business.

Five is not a magic number when it comes to lead sources. It’s a good rule of thumb to create diversification, but some agents succeed with 3-4 well-thought out lead sources while others thrive with 7-10 sources. The key is to create written plans of action for each lead source and then timeblock and prioritize your schedule to follow them.

Your real estate business will evolve. When you’re a new agent, your lead source options can be limited by budget, knowledge and lack of a network. But as you build your business, you can tweak and re-evaluate your spokes every year.

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Better Business Results

1. Intentional Lead Generation

A well-written plan of action for each source creates a daily, weekly and quarterly schedule of lead generation activities. These plans should include measurable goals and actionable steps in order to create accountability.

2. Diversified Lead Sources

You shouldn’t be reliant on one source, such as Zillow, or even your brokerage for leads. Explore different sources that suit your skills. No matter what you choose, by consistently building a business by referral, your SOI will in time become one of your biggest spokes.

3. Strategic Game Plan

A game plan is written out with clear goals, budget, steps and accountabilities. Consider your Agent Archetype, skills, finances and other factors. Give yourself a set of period of time to work the sources and then evaluate the results. Analyze and re-work your spokes (if needed) at the end of your first year in real estate and then every year after during business planning.

Lead generation is the key to a successful real estate business and Five Spokes is the way to proactively create a winning plan for success.

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