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Build a successful business with lead generation strategies to attract, engage, and convert prospects into loyal clients.

Agent Archetypes

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to building a real estate business. Every agent brings their own unique personality, skills, experience and sales style. Use the ‘Agent Archetypes’ concept to develop clarity around your strengths so you can build lead generation strategies that work for you. Each of the four types comes with its own lead generation tactics, tools, marketing and budget – in addition to unique challenges and opportunities.

Explore the Agent Archetypes concept to find out more about your preferred sales style so you can choose the lead generation strategies that will help you build a successful real estate business.

5 Spokes

A diversified, intentional lead generation plan is key to building a successful real estate business. Once you know the lead generation strategies that suit your personality, skills and sales style, you can build a strategic plan around them.

The 5 Spokes concept allows agents to take control of their leads in order to continuously fill the top of their sales funnels and create a steady stream of business. Learn more about 5 Spokes and how to create your own intentional, diversified plans so that you have a well-written plan of action, different sources to fuel your business and a proactive game plan for success.

Dive Deeper into Agent Archetypes & 5 Spokes

Learn more about your agent archetype, unique sales style and how to build a proactive lead generation plan. Access the resources from our Foundation course.

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  • In this episode, we discuss the number one problem every real estate agent faces: generating leads. We dive into why filling the top of your funnel is so important and why it can be so difficult. Then we dive into the two major concepts we use to help agents figure out the best lead generation[...]
Explore the ultimate guide to securing more listings in the real estate realm: discover 8 dynamic strategies that empower you to expand your portfolio and elevate your success by fostering valuable seller relationships.

Featured Lead Generation Resources

Market Reports

Leverage data-driven insights and turn market knowledge into meaningful client connections.

Geo Farming

Level up your real estate game with geo-farming: cultivate killer client relationships in your own backyard.
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Social Media

Discover how to turn likes and shares into a thriving pipeline of eager potential clients.
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Synergize diverse strategies into a powerhouse approach that fuels client connections.
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Open Houses

Unlock the secrets to turning curious visitors into your next wave of satisfied clients
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Online Leads

Tap into the digital realm to transform online traffic into a stream of eager clients.
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Convert FSBO's into prime opportunities, and turn independent sellers into your newest satisfied clients.
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Breathe new life into unsold properties and transform them into a wellspring of valuable client connections.
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Master the art of turning moving plans into golden opportunities, and connect with a wave of clients seeking their perfect home.
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Signature Master Class: Conversion

This series will teach you to master strategic value creation, the psychology of scripts and building relationships in order to turn cold leads into lifelong clients.