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Strategic pricing might be one of the most complex and yet most essential services real estate agents provide to their seller clients. It requires strong market knowledge so that you can identify relevant comps, understand current supply and demand, and estimate the impact of unique home features. 

But pricing is more than just coming up with a number. In addition to the market, you have to consider your client’s motivation, finances, timeline and goals. 

Use these resources to understand pricing strategies, how to gather and interpret market data, scripts to communicate effectively and more. 

Pricing Philosophy

Understand the philosophy behind strong pricing strategies.

Market Absorption

Communicate current market conditions with confidence.

Leveraging CMAs

Showcase your expertise with insights into local competition.

Price Reductions

Prepare your sellers for price reductions.


Leverage the power of RPR to understand the data.


Communicate consultatively with your sellers.

Agent Resources

Coming soon!

Client Resources

Coming soon!

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