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Unique Ability

Unique Ability® is the concept that everyone has a “superpower.” Developed by Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach®, this is the idea that everyone has a natural talent and passion that motivates them the most. Think of the areas where you can achieve extraordinary results because of your capabilities.

  • Superior skill. You produce amazing results because you are so good at this skill. This is something that comes naturally to you and others rely on it.
  • Energy. Working within your Unique Ability® energizes you which in turn energizes the people around you. This makes you feel positive, dynamic and creative.
  • Learning. You could happily spend the rest of your life learning how to work with your Unique Ability® in better ways.
  • Passion. You love working within your Unique Ability® and likely always have done it in some way, even before it was your job.

How to Discover & Define Your Unique Ability®

Discovering and defining your Unique Ability involves four main parts. Part One involves connecting with people who know you and asking them what they believe are your superpowers. 
Part Two is called your Activity Snapshot. You take inventory of where you spend your time and categorize your activities to discover what you love. 
Part Three involves discovering your Unique Ability Habits. You identify your top 10 Unique Ability Habits to describe what you do at your best. 
Lastly, you start crafting your Unique Ability Statement. 
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The Impact of Determining Your Unique Ability®

Determining your Unique Ability® allows you to reorient your time and energy toward the work you love. There are four key benefits to working in your Unique Ability®:

1. Self knowledge

Define your Unique Ability® and find opportunities to apply it, not just in your work but also in your life. Do what you’re passionate about.

2. Clarity of focus

Knowing your Unique Ability® allows you to focus on the things you love. It allows you to work in the areas where you can create the most value, achieve the best results and have the most fun. This results in less frustration and more creativity and impact.

3. Confidence

Working in your Unique Ability® provides validation in the “real you.” This is a big confidence booster! “When you’re confident, you can do anything; when you’re not, you can’t.” – Dan Sullivan

4. Permission to let go

Operating within your Unique Ability® makes you comfortable enough to give yourself permission to let go of other activities. You can create boundaries and maintain them without guilt.

To learn more, you can read “Unique Ability: Creating the Life You Want” by Shannon Waller, Julia Waller, Catherine Nomura, and Dan Sullivan.

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